Our company

A small family business with great experience

We at Arctic Dogsled Adventure AB are a family business that started our business under the name Team Åsa and Kajsa. We bought our first sled dog in the mid-1980s and have had sled dogs ever since.
Our children Kajsa and Jesper learned early on to drive dog sledding and to take care of dogs.
Today Åsa and Kajsa work with the dogs. Ulf takes care of the snowmobile tours and handles the logistics together with Jesper. Now the family has expanded with our granddaughter Tilde. She has made her debut at her first competition when she was 1.5 years old.

The company has been around for more than 15 years – in the beginning we only had 5 dogs and today it has expanded to 75 dogs.
Dogs have always been an important part of our family and we see them all as family members. From the beginning, only we in the family worked in the company, but since 2015 we also have employed guides.
The family’s great interest in dogs and our fantastic nature is the basis of our business. We love to show our guests the Lapland nature. To experience it with the help of sled dogs is outstanding! To make it possible for more people to have the opportunity to stay in our nature, we have now created the opportunity to book a snowmobile tour with us, such as a snowmobile tour with ice fishing.


We are covered by Kammarkollegiet’s Travel Guarantee.
We have permission according to the Animal Welfare Act chapter 6.
We are trained in First Aid, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and NOLSs Wilderness First Aid.

Our Family


I am 54 years and have been working with sled dogs for about 35 years. From the beginning, I only competed in sprint. Because I wanted to share my interest with others, I did my first dog sledding tour with guests in the early 2000’s, which I thought was very fun and have since then continued with it. Today I run some tours but have mainly spent my time partly helping Kajsa & Tilde on competition side but most of the time I spend on all our dogs’ care and well-being.


32 years and as the daughter of Åsa, I grew up with sled dogs. I have been competing in sprint since the age of 5. I was running my first dog sledding tour in 2010, when I was asked to help with a tour. I have always been interested in other cultures, both the competitions and the sled dog business have given me the opportunity to meet many people from different cultures.

In the company, I take care of the administration and sometimes run certain tours. But above all, I’ve continued to compete. And now we are 3 generations in the team, me, my daughter Tilde and mother Åsa. My daughter Tilde is 3 years old and made her debut at her first sled dog competition when she was 1.5 years old.


Our Guides


I am 30 years and I am doing my sixth winter in Kiruna with Arctic Dogsled Adventure (Team Åsa & Kajsa). I have also worked with dogs in other places in Sweden. I am a certified guide and have guided summer and winter groups in our beautiful mountains. I have been working with sled dogs for more than 9 years and offer adventurous meetings with our guests.


I am 31 years and do my fifth winter in Kiruna and with Arctic Dogsled Adventure (Team Åsa & Kajsa). I have worked as a driver / tour guide for 2 seasons for another kennel in Sweden. I come from the Netherlands and speak Dutch, English and some German and Swedish. I love winter sports and dogs and I like to be in contact with people and make them familiar to dog sledding.