Our company

A small family business with great experience

Arctic Dogsled Adventure AB is a family business that started its business under the name Team Åsa and Kajsa. We bought our first sled dog in the mid-1980s and have had sled dogs ever since.

Our children Kajsa and Jesper learned early to run dog sleds and to take care of dogs.

Today Åsa and Kajsa work with the dogs. Ulf takes care of the snowmobile trips and handles the logistics together with Jesper.
The company has been around for more than 10 years – in the beginning we only had 5 dogs and today it has been expanded to 60 dogs.

Dogs have always been an important part of our family and we see them all as family members.
From the beginning, only we in the family worked in the company, but since 2015 we have also employed guides.

The great interests of the family are dogs and our fantastic nature which is the basis of our business. We love to show our guests the Lapland nature. To also experience it with the help of draft dogs is outstanding!
In order for more people to have the opportunity to stay in our nature, we have now created the opportunity to book a snowmobile trip with us, such as a snowmobile trip with ice fishing.

Our Family


I am 53 years old and have been active with sleddogs for about 30 years. From the beginning, I only competed in sprint. Because I wanted to share my interest with others I did my first dog tour with guests in 2008, which I thought was very fun and I have been working with that ever since.

Today I am driving some tours but have especially spent my time helping Kajsa with the race dogs.


32 years old and as a daughter to Åsa, I grew up with sleddogs. I have competed in sprint since I was 5 years old. I guided my first sleddog tour 2010, when I was asked to help with a trip. Since my interest besides sleddogs is traveling, this is a way for me to work with the dogs as well as meet many people from different cultures.

In the company I manage the administration and sometimes guides some tours. But above all, I still compete in sprint.

Our Guides


I am 31 year and I do my third winter in Kiruna with Team Åsa & Kajsa. I have been working with sleddogs in other places in Sweden. I am certified guide and have been guiding summer- and wintergroups in our beautiful mountains.

I have been working with sleddogs for more than 6 years and I really enjoy meetings with our guests and steering the dogsled.


I am 32 year and I do my fourth winter in Kiruna and with Team Åsa & Kajsa. I have worked as a handler/tourguide for 3 seasons for another kennel in Sweden. I come from Netherlands and speak Dutch, English and a little bit German and Swedish. I love wintersports and dogs and I like being in touch with people and make them familiar to the dog sleding.