Our Dogs

Our kennel

The kennel has both the Alaskan Husky and the Siberian Husky. The dogs are very social, love to be pampered. They can withstand the cold well, are durable and willing to work. They therefore thrive best in the winter – summer is an important rest period for them. Autumn training begins in September if it is not too hot.
When you walk around the kennel, you will meet many personalities. For example, we have a bitch who voluntarily took on the responsibility of raising young dogs – if they misbehave, she is quick to reprimand.
Since the family’s interest in dogs started with Åsa and Kajsa’s competitors, we also have competition dogs. It’s more about speed and being able to run even if it’s not so cold.

Tourist dogs

Our tourist dogs are Alaskan Huskies and Siberian Huskies. For many generations, these breeds have been used as draft dogs, adapted to the winter climate.

They live at our kennel in Laxforsen, where there are staff who take care of them. Because they get to work, play and socialize in the herd, they are happy and harmonious. Training and food adapted to the different seasons (low energy in summer and high energy in winter) make them harmonious dogs. The summer months are their recovery period. Partly because they need recovery after the winter season but above all because it is simply too hot for them with strenuous training. The autumn training for the coming winter season begins in September.

We care about their well-being and think about their health and safety. Kiruna has good veterinarians who we contact if any dog ​​seems ill or injured. Our dogs are insured with the Swedish insurance company Agria.

That they are social herd animals is clearly noticeable in different situations. For example, if one of the young dogs behaves inappropriately, they are immediately reprimanded by one of the older dogs, usually a bitch who says something like “do not do that again!”

Race dogs

These dogs are of the breed Scandinavian Hound, which is a mixed breed between Husky and bird dog. They have retained the Husky dog’s many advantages, but with the involvement of bird dogs, the competition dogs have become faster and above all not as sensitive to heat. This means that we can compete with them during the bare ground period. Instead of a sledge, a kick-bike or bicycle cart is used.

During the bare ground period, the competition dogs also live at the kennel in Laxforsen, but during the cold winter months they live at home in the Kalixfors bridge in a dog farm with heated huts.