Tour preparation dog sledding

Applies to our overnight trips

Our wilderness camp was built in 2016 and has a guest cottage that is approximately 50 m2 with a living room, kitchen and a bedroom for 6-8 people. There is also a sauna and barbecue hut. The camp has no electricity or running water. The water is fetched from a lake next to the camp.

For the tour you need:
Headlamp is required (not hand lamp), as there is some driving in the dark and at other times during the trip (such as feeding dogs, toilet visits, etc.). Subject to stock, it is possible to buy a headlamp at the camp at a price of 100 SEK.

Clothes that you want to use during the trip should be sturdy and warm, preferably made of natural materials such as wool or cotton. A couple of changes of underwear, long underwear, socks, etc. are good to bring with you as well as hygiene items.

Feel free to bring a camera, but remember to bring an extra battery as it is not possible to charge the battery.

Sunglasses are recommended during the trips that take place during the latter part of the winter (March-April).

We provide: Overalls, warm shoes, hat, gloves, sleeping bag and towel.

Are you coming yourself? Then you have the opportunity to go with another group!